Digital Rendition is the direct result of two young men who have too much time on their hands and a little bit of experience. Well, maybe a lot of experience. With 25 years of sound and lighting experience between its two founders, Digital Rendition was created as a way to fund ridiculous endeavors and help people get the event they want without spending double their budget. Our number one goal has always been to do what our competition can do but cheaper and have fun doing it.

We had a great experience with Ramzi and Stephen. They were super flexible at adapting their work to what we needed and in changing plans as the venue/circumstances of the wedding changed. I would highly recommend them to anyone else looking to put together lights/music/media/decoration for a wedding.

Andrew H.

Digital Rendition did such a wonderful job with our event. From the lighting to the music, they completely amplified the energy and theme of our party! We had over 100 guests and everyone had a blast! I will always turn to these guys for any of my future events!

Sally S.

They were great!!!  Very professional.  We would absolutely hire them again.  They tailored to the crowd (i.e. Kids Dance Contest), allowed the kids to participate with mixing which was a highlight for many of them.  They also played requested songs for old school adults that most DJs don't have.  AWESOME!!!

Laura H.