Our goal is to help you get top quality sound where you want it, for the price point you need. DJs on a tight budget, band managers needing the best of the best, and a homeowner looking for multi room audio can all count on Digital Rendition to get them the right products. The brands we carry cover the full spectrum of needs from small and portable, to huge power, and all the sleek, fancy stuff in the middle. If you need assistance designing and specifying equipment for that integrated solution, Digital Rendition does that too!





Digital Rendition knows that technology moves fast, so we strive to move faster. For the consumer, PROsumer, and pure-bred industry professional, our line up covers indoor, outdoor, commercial, and residential demands. New, thinner, more powerful displays, brighter and sharper projection, and enough products to handle a small home theater or your next sports bar. Whether the end user is you or your clients, we won’t rest until we find the best video solution for you.

Automation and Networking

Home automation has come a long way since the clapper, but the goal is still the same; make life more convenient. Unfortunately, not everything today is plug and play, but our goal is to make it feel that way. Whether you want to automate a light for the cat, or you are building a new home, Digital Rendition offers all the products to build your solution. If it's your home or your business, you should be focusing on what’s really important, and we’ll help you leverage all the networking and automation tech on the market today, and even get you ready for tomorrow.


Lighting may seem like a routine thing to some, but you know that it’s a top priority. Task lighting, accent lighting, smart systems, and stage lighting all require the right fixture to maximize the effect. Outdoor and indoor architectural washes and uplighting can transform an aesthetic and every stage manager knows that the right moving head will make or break a show.


You’ve made a large A/V investment, make sure you are using it to its fullest potential and it’s housed safely. Amplifiers and distribution equipment should be in a rack and have cables managed. Your front of house setup should be clean and fit for purpose. Last but not least, circuits should be protected from overload and power should be conditioned. Our robust and modern furniture and racking equipment will look the part and sleek and smart power management equipment will keep things safe and in check.